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July 8th 2009, 7.00 pm at The Vale Community Centre,

July 22, 2009

Notes of General Meeting
July 8th 2009, 7.00 pm at The Vale Community Centre, 17a Hadlow Close

Present: Committee: Grant Scott (Chairman), Alan Cooke (Secretary), Nick Wood (Centre Manager), Keith Drysdale, Bill Duff; Residents: Patricia Bartley, M. Bowie, F. de Silva, R. Hill, F. Samdy, Roy Pennington, Olive Taylor, Connie Thomas; Others: Cllr Gill Mitchell, Sarah Johnson (Housing Officer), Jim Lord (Planned Maintenance), Sue Hes (TDC – Trust for Developing Communities), Carol Byard (TDC), PCSO Carol Manton
1: Apologies: Irene Fender, Trevor Jones, Cllr Warren Morgan, Sue Leggett, Paul Gorringe
2.     Minutes of meeting June 10th 2009. These were agreed unanimously.
3.     Matters Arising. None.
4.     Updates:
a)    Estate Maintenance
Jim Lord responded to an enquiry concerning woodworm in a loft area recently re-roofed. It has now been treated chemically and other blocks will now be examined. Another block is shortly to be re-wired. A complete programme of works for the City is expected to be ratified shortly. This will cover matters such as door replacements and new kitchens. Mears is expected to be confirmed shortly as the maintenance contractor for the whole of the City for 10 years – it will also be responsible for surveying.
b)    Gardening Group –Trees
Brighton Permaculture would be meeting the committee to discuss the free provision of some fruit trees for the Estate – possible locations were discussed. Overhanging buddleia outside Craven Place needs to be trimmed back.
c)    Estate Development Budget Awards
Grants are to be given to improve lighting at four points on the estate, to replace a bench at the corner of Craven Road and Queensway, and to convert the ‘bin’ area by the side of the Community Centre into a fenced-in ‘safe’ area, with decorative slabs and planters.
The Association had failed to be awarded funds for the construction of a ramp to Tilgate Place. Cllr Mitchell gave details of a consultation about to take place with the residents of Tilgate Place to discuss the problems and possibilities – currently the only feasible option has been costed at about £40,000.

d)    Big Tidy Up July 18th – Woodlands
Arrangements for the event were discussed, covering health and safety, insurance, and refreshments. It is still not known which Council department is responsible for keeping clean and tidy the land adjoining the woods.
e)    Highways – Car Parking
Alan reported on a preliminary meeting held with the Council’s project manager regarding a consultation to be held this autumn on the possibility of including Craven Vale and Bakers Bottom in an extended car parking zone. All residents will be contacted for their views. The meeting also discussed the problems of Queensway caused by the narrowness of the road. The committee will investigate the possibility of marking out parking bays in Hadlow Close.
f)    The Vale Community Centre
Nick reported that the VCC continues to prosper, with new groups more than replacing those who had left.
g)    Playgrounds – Playbus
Plans for the reconstruction of a playground at Parham Place will have to await any additional allocation of funds from the Government to the Council. We had failed to secure visits from the Playbus because of the lack of adequate parking areas – Cllr Mitchell would seek an explanation, and ask for visits next year. A healthbus had also been due to visit the Estate from June onwards, but nothing more has been heard.
5.    Correspondence
a)    Nomination Papers had been received from the Council for Tenant Representatives for the Housing Management Consultative Committee and various Working Groups. None of those present wished to be nominated.
b)    An agenda for the Queens Park and Craven Vale Community Forum meeting on July 14th
c)    Notification of a final consultation on the Council’s Local Development Framework Core Strategy until August 10th. It can be seen at the Town Halls and major libraries or on
6.     Finance
The audited accounts had now been received unchanged from the Resource Centre. The finances are healthy.
7.    Any Other Business
a)    Sue Hes announced that she had been successful in applying for a new post in Peacehaven, and would regretfully be leaving at the end of July, although continuing to oversee us for a further month or two until her replacement has been appointed. There were many votes of thanks!
b)    A leaflet announcing boccia sessions at the Manor Road Gym, inviting local teams to join in.
c)    An appreciation of the wild flower patches now appearing on the Estate
d)    Occasional annoyance by adult footballers at the top of the Estate – complaints need to be logged to achieve a result
e)    Clogged downpipes and flooding of store roofs, often caused by attracting pigeons and gulls by feeding
f)    Unleashed dogs should be reported on 292929 – but it is difficult to take punitive actions
g)     Roy Pennington asked for photographs and news items for the blogsite
h)    Carol asked the Committee to decide whether local priorities for the Police need to be updated

8.    Dates of Next Meetings
a)    Committee Meeting, 7 pm September 9th
b)    General Meeting, 7 pm October 14th (no set agenda yet)

The meeting closed at 8:25 pm.

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