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walk wild

October 17, 2011

good promo article in Argus Magazine Saturday Oct 8th, page 7 –
Grant Scott, Chair of CVCA, tells the story.



October 13, 2011

good promo article in Argus Magazine Saturday Oct 8th, page 7 —
Grant Scott, Chair of CVCA, tells the story.

cold callers WARNING

August 10, 2010

This message is being sent out to all NHW Coordinators to raise awareness of a current trend in fraudulent telephone calls. This telephone fraud has occurred in the East Grinstead area and they may start targeting elsewhere in Sussex.

“There has been a report of cold callers advising that the receiver has won the lottery in another country. They are asked to send money – usually around £100 to receive the winnings. More calls are then received later asking for additional money with the excuses that the cheque has been ‘lost in the post’ or in this incident, ‘lost in a fire at Heathrow’.

In this instance the caller asked for money to be sent via WESTERN UNION to PANAMA.”

Please make your neighbours aware.

To contact your local officer or PCSO visit or call 0845 60 70 999

Burning the Clocks cancelled

December 21, 2009

Burning the Clocks cancelled for the first time ever in its relatively short history. Founded in 1993, the celebration centers round a procession of lanterns and costumes, made from withies (willow canes) and white tissue paper, led by local bands with a carnival atmosphere.

Open Meeting, 7 pm December 9th. 2009 November 27 Leave a comment by roy2323 REMINDER Open Meeting, 7 pm December 9th.

December 8, 2009

Open Meeting, 7 pm December 9th. 2009

Open Meeting, 7 pm December 9th.

November 27, 2009


Open Meeting, 7 pm December 9th.

Notes of Committee Meeting November 11th 2009,

November 12, 2009

Notes of Committee Meeting

November 11th 2009, 7.00 pm at The Vale Community Centre, 17a Hadlow Close


Present: Committee: Grant Scott (Chairman), Alan Cooke (Secretary), Keith Drysdale, Bill Duff, Clive Taplin, Nick Wood; Others: Trevor Jones (Community Participation Officer)

1: Apologies: Irene Fender, Sarah Johnson, Sue Leggett

2. Minutes of meeting October 14th 2009. These were agreed unanimously.

3. Matters Arising.

a) Bill had received a letter from Michelle Johnson saying that the letter regarding TV aerials sent to all residents of blocks in Craven Vale had been sent in error, and does not apply to any of the blocks on the estate.

b) Alan reported that the two events organised locally for the ‘Not in my neighbourhood week’ were worth attending, but had been poorly supported.

4. Updates:

a) Car Parking Study

Nick Wood and Clive Taplin reported back on the first meeting with the consultants on October 22nd. 33% of all residents in the area had returned the questionnaire, although that rose to 62% for Bakers Bottom. The earliest that any scheme could take effect would be summer 2011. At the next meeting on November 19th, the consultants would come back with their initial views based on inputs received at the meeting, and from the questionnaires.

b) Community Payback – Steps -Trees

Grant Scott reported on conversations with Paul Gorringe. It is still hoped that the Payback team would be returning in November to re-construct the Jacob’s Ladder steps, subject only to a satisfactory risk analysis. The team were also prepared to dig holes for a number of additional trees on the estate, probably in January. Paul also advised that Green Gym had been helping him to clear part of the woodland adjacent to The Causeway.

c) Estate Development Budget Awards

Grant, Nick and Alan had met with the EDB team earlier that day, and confirmed the requirements for improving the hardstanding with wall-boards, rubberised flooring and a rustic fence and gate. The final costing may well exceed the original budget estimate of £2,000. If that is the case, CVCA will bid for the remaining cost in the next ED budget round. The work is due to be completed by January.

Alan advised that Claire Burchell was interested in using her youth group to paint a floral mural on the east side of the Vale CC. Trevor Jones agreed to check with Robert Keelan whether any permission was required.

No dates are yet available concerning the installation of additional lighting for dark corners, or for the bench at the top of Craven Road.

d) Repairs – mosaics

Ben Thomson (for SameSky) had yet to start repairing the mosaics but the project was still in hand.

5. Correspondence

a) Amy Allison had been appointed by TDC to replace Sue Hes, and would be starting on November 16th. There would be an early opportunity to meet her at the Forum meeting on November 18th (6 pm at The Haven).

b) Members were invited to attend the City Assembly at Hove Town Hall on November 17th (4-8pm). Trevor Jones spoke of the relevance of the Assembly to CVCA, and of the decisions to be taken at the next meeting.

6. Finance

The finances remain healthy.

7. EDB Bids 2010

There was general discussion concerning possible applications for Council estate aid for next year – the average association benefits by around £5,000 each year for its own preferred projects. The December Open meeting would consider views put forward by residents, and the January Committee meeting would prioritise them and complete the application forms. Trevor confirmed that any spending could only be applied to communal areas on housing department land.

In discussion, the two projects which received general approval from the committee were: a) the completion of the hard-standing project if not paid for completely from the 2009 grant; and b) a long-term project to renovate the disused playground behind Parham Close, by providing it with a child-friendly surface and the provision of some equipment each year for about five years. Thoughts were also given to the need for additional benches on the estate.

Further projects might be added at the meeting on December 9th.

8. Any Other Business

Alan asked that the committee give some thought to inviting residents of The Causeway and Monument Close to be covered by the Craven Vale Community Association, as ‘residents’, but not as ‘council tenants’.

9. Dates of Next Meetings

a) Open Meeting, 7 pm December 9th.

b) Committee Meeting, 7 pm January 13th, 2010

The meeting closed at 8:30 pm.